IDM Pattern + Drumkit


Hello Everyone, i haven’t been posting a lot here lately,
here’s a patch i made this year, i think the drums could be turned into useful modules
IDM Pattern Drumkit.audulus (1.3 MB)


Love it! Do you have a bandcamp page with you music on it or anything?


I added these to my library and and rearranged the UI to be consistent with the rest of the uModule library. Posting here in case anyone wants to do the same, nothing wrong with the more horizontal originals though.

Nomak IDM Kit.audulus (347.7 KB)


Unfortunatly i don’t have my ‘Nömak’ music online at the moment, but i plan on releasing a mixtape first months of 2019, i used Audulus on some of the songs in there !

Also, yeah i’m more of a sound freak than an engineer,
i’m sure there’s a few tweaks to make these drums lighter on CPU and tidy up the UI a little !


Well I look forward to your mixtape until then!