I posted a little video on Audulus to my YT channel!


Hey all, just thought I’d share a little vlog I recorded while my Mac was in repair. I was desperately looking for good iOS programming solutions and found Audulus! Love how it actually feels native to the touchscreen environment. I quickly cover an AM synth I built in there right around 1:05.



OH jesus these keyboards on these Macs are terrible. I had to get mine replaced too. I think one of the keys is about to start sticking again too. They ERASED your harddrive? Ugh.

Awesome video! Thanks for the shoutout :slight_smile: You should post that AM synth here too!


Apart from vertical video, very nicely done! I liked the random edits of hacking up food to show the passage of time.


Erasing your data, what a great service!


@biminiroad I ended up going back and breaking down the synth into more modular parts so edits could be made. I’ve attached a simple AM and FM variant. PT Modular AM.audulus (12.5 KB)
PT Modular FM.audulus (13.1 KB)