I made a noise album only using Audulus

It feels like I’m always on here for help, so I wanted to show everybody what that help ended up creating. Thanks to everyone who gave their support.


Awesome! this is 100% Audulus? Is it multi tracked or anything?


Yup, this is 100% Audulus—I recorded it into Garageband via Audiobus. I didn’t multitrack it; each song is just one single track, but, as you can see below, I put mixing knobs on all the patches I made, so I had some control over mixing.

Noise Setup 6.audulus (199.7 KB)


Cool! It’s really interesting to see how different people configure their performance patches. I like how simple it is, you can really focus on intention rather than it being some big clockwork sequence.

Also, cool album art!


Thank you on both parts! Honestly, the reason it’s so simple is because I’m still very much learning Audulus. I’d really like to create a patch that’s more generative, that I could sort of improvise off of, but I think that’s a long ways away.

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