How to Create a module

Hi everyone i want to create modules. The first i want to know how to make inputs witch are connected by wires as any modular synthesizer. How to write wave-forms i know. And i need the graphic basics for example how to make knob ,switcher slider etc. how to drow wave-forms.

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Hey there!

The best way to discover how to make a module is to look at a module that is similar to the one you want to make and open it up. You can do this by double clicking on it or pressing on it and pressing “open.”

The Input and Output nodes have to be placed inside a Subpatch node. They will automatically appear on the top of a module.

There are no sliders yet, but there are knobs and buttons. You can’t draw a waveform per se unless you’re using the apline node, where you have to string together the wave in breakpoints.

This all is probably a little confusing, so I think it’s best if you start with this video and then move on to @robertsyrett’s Know Your Nodes series.

If you’d rather read about how to make a module, refer to the subpatch node documentation - it has a whole walkthrough of what to do:

Here are the videos I mentioned below.

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I understand what you mean but i interested in coding modules. i think its more interesting

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So maybe there’s a misunderstanding. This is “coding” modules in so much as you’re working with the lowest level components in Audulus called nodes.

If you want to code your own modules from scratch using a programming language, you’d have to do that outside Audulus.

Otherwise, these guides are what you’re looking for - trust me!

If you’re still confused, please describe an initial module you want to build and I will describe how you can go about doing that with nodes.


i understand what you say but for me its interesting for coding. i understand better the code. to write classes etc

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Ah, I see - if you want to work at the level of classes, then Audulus won’t be able to do that for you.

That said, this is different from your original question which is how to make inputs, how to write waveforms, and how to make knobs, etc.

If you’re looking for more specific advice about programming your own app on iOS, I suggest checking out AudioKit.

It would be good to learn Swift as well - you can start teaching yourself that on the iPad in Swift Playgrounds. :slight_smile:

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