Hordijk Audulus Audio Examples (Podcast)

Things have been somewhat quiet from my side during the last few months – mostly due to work demands and giving a little more time to my family.

A background project that I’ve nevertheless been busy with has been making recordings of the demo patches that I’d put together for my series of Audulus Hordijk Modules. After adding those to the respective posts on my site it occurred to me that it could be fun to record the texts and combine them with the examples, creating audio versions of the posts that could then be made available via a podcast feed.

As often is the case, that’s taken a little longer to get in place than anticipated – I’m still finding my way with it. I have added the demo examples to all of the Hordijk module posts on my site, but I’m only about halfway though the spoken versions which I’ve made available in the HuffDuffed podcast feed. I hope to complete the remaining entries soon. Here’s the link should you be interested in listening though them in a podcast player: https://huffduffer.com/rudigermeyer/tags/modular-diary/rss

This link will open Apple’s podcast app, if you’re on one of their mobile devices: podcast://huffduffer.com/rudigermeyer/tags/modular-diary/rss

And this one will open Overcast, one of my favourite podcast apps (the other being Castro): overcast://huffduffer.com/rudigermeyer/tags/modular-diary/rss

(In Overcast and Apple’s podcast app it’s possible to set the podcasts to play in chronological order. Overcast also has the advantage of also displaying chapter art.)

Should you wish to check out the audio examples individually, the first post in the series on my site can be found here: https://rudigermeyer.com/notes/2018-03-24-17-12-30. The posts more or less correspond to the Hordijk entries on the forum.

Even though there have been so many intereresting new contributions to the forum I’ve found it valuable to take a step back and review some of what I’d put together and get some kind of overview of what it all sounds like.


Awesome! Thanks for this.

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I really like the audio version of the diary.

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I’ve finally gotten everything in place for the audio versions of my Hordijk Audulus posts.

Subscribe to the podcast feed here https://huffduffer.com/rudigermeyer/tags/modular-diary/rss or check it out on HuffDuffer where you can also find links to open it directly in a number of podcast apps (if you’re on a mobile device of some kind): https://huffduffer.com/rudigermeyer/tags/modular-diary

You can also follow through all the entries on my site, as well as the individual audio examples, starting here: https://rudigermeyer.com/notes/2018-03-24-17-12-30