Hanging Out

I had aspirations to be a writer at one time. I have written and do write. But I am not interested in “publishing” for a specific reason.

I believe that you can see it two ways. One the one hand, writers can gain an audience by imparting the feeling that the reader is “in the know.” On the other hand, some writing is what comes out of a person’s soul when they have transcended a cultural norm.

The Simpsons trades in the first style. It encourages people to have wide ranging opinions that often rest on stereotypes or just useless surface judgements. I like The Simpsons and I don’t think this style is outright wrong.

At the same time, the ‘great novel’ is supposed to understand its time. I belong to the school of thought that sees art as providing options for personalities to climb into. This is the opposite of the idea that art is some sort of depiction of what is already around. To substitute the first position for the second, is to treat Shakespeare as an inventor of personalities.

My experience of art is that good art has some tremendous element. By good art, I do not mean paintings that prove the painter is a good painter.

One time I read a poem to a group. They immediately started to debate the topic of the poem and forgot about me. Half an hour passed. The poem worked.

I suppose that the point here is to try to consider synthesis as a tool to create new mental states. There is something deeply therapeutic about the eudaimonia – the deep engagement experienced when building a patch, moving knobs, shaping waves, sweeping filters, organizing clocks.

I am working on several technical things, but I am also interested in the process of art making, of healing, community and depth. I am inspired by Accurate Beats.


I like his idea that the mark of his own progress as an artist is that he feels his beats have his particular unique style across multiple projects – his own sound.

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