Glide Tone Sweeper

Glide Tone Sweeper

This module attempts to create a gliding tone effect by transforming a stepping frequency or octave signal, such as from a midi keyboard, into a smoothly changing signal. The transformations occur at the audio sample rate. The output will sweep toward the target tone until the target is reached or another tone step sets a new target.

To give the glide a smooth takeoff and landing a cosine transformation over the range of zero to pi radians is used (aka: zero and 180 degrees, the two points being where the cosine function has a slope of zero).


Input Signal Range Notes
Tmax any positive number This sets the maximum glide time
Input Signal Range Notes
step in any number This can be any stream of target frequency (or octave) values.


Output Signal Range Notes
tGlide any positive number This gives the currently set glide time value
Output Signal Range Notes
done zero or one Indicates the glide has completed (usually not needed)
Output Signal Range Notes
glide out any value This is the smoothed version of the stepped input stream.


Knob Function Notes
Glide time zero to one Sets glide time. Note that a setting of zero to this knob results in a minimal 5-audio sample glide.

Version History

Revision File Date Notes Glide Effect.audulus 4/13/21

Glide Effect.audulus (29.5 KB)


Revision File Date Notes
1 Glide Demo.audulus 4/13/21

Glide Demo.audulus (132.1 KB)

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