Generative Screams

So, I got the idea to build this the other day, and, well, almost eight hours of work later, it’s finished. It’s generative noise. At its core, it consists of a two sequencers which control gate and pitch, a clock, a clock divider, and two oscillators, but I’ve added a crap-ton of sample and holds to almost every possible changeable parameter, so nearly everything—including BPM, the clock divider’s rate, and the step length—is always subject to change. I included a list of affected parameters, just to show what’s been last modulated, as well as a meter for BPM and step length.

generative screams v.2.0.audulus (201.1 KB)


A great patch to send its output to multiple tracks with effects to generate nice ambient soundscapes.


I love how the only user control on this module is on and off. Keep up the great work, this patch really does evolve over time.


Thank you!

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