Generating triads



I play the village idiot around here the best I can.

One more point about the sequencer in there. Some elegant way to double the trigger interface would be nice. I owned the Teenage Engineering PO K.O! sampler, but sold it because making electro with 16 beat sequences just isn’t enough for me.

I wish I was good enough to just build it myself as a contribution but I still have a lot to learn.


i was thinking about building one actually, i have no idea how, but it’ll be fun to try


Sorry, I missed this earlier, I don’t really have a coding background but I was born and raised in silicon valley.


Something like the way @robertsyrett made the buttons on the Reticulated Gate Sequencer might work.


So two things came to mind. Looking at the Chladni Sequencer, you can see how the lighting indicates the sequences very clearly.

Then I was looking at the Arches drum machine below (not too intested in their other stuff here, just the idea of the led grid):

Building something with all of this would be a cool livestream for Mr. @biminiroad.


Those drums sound great!


thanks !
i might design other bleeps and toms to go with it

i’m omw to become Audulus’s official drum designer i guess hah


Can’t wait to have the play with the optimised version of my first kit tho @biminiroad
my iphone 6 is very disappointed at me when i re-open them