Gate to Step Modulation Converter

#Gates To Steps

These are two modules are based on shift registers whose stages are being fed into a DAC. Two different signals of gates being fed into the modules’ inputs results in a stepped pattern that is unique to the inputs.

In other words, if you give it a clock and a rhythm you get a stepped pattern based on that rhythm. But you could also enter two rhythms of different length and produce a shifting pattern.


I have also added an internal trim pot to adjust the input controlling the bit’s state on the shift register’s data input so that continuous modulation or audio signals could be used as pseudo random signal sources.


Input Signal Range Notes
57%20AM54x50 0, 1 clock or trigger input
07%20AM41x45 -1,1 gate or modulation input

Output Signal Range Notes
21%20AM46x45 0, 1 Stepped signal output


Constant Node Function Notes
33%20AM188x96 internal trim pot allows for fine tuning of modulation inputs for optimal response


Meter Displays Notes
28%20AM87x86 displays what bits are active This is pretty much the only thing that is better about the 16-bit version of the module

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1 gate to step.audulus (54.0 KB) 05/078/2018 This module is worth it just for the blinking lights, but is a great way to get an extra sequence out of another sequencer.


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