FoMO: Fold Modulation Operator

FoMO: Fold Modulation Operator

This is a new take on FM, where the F is folding. Each operator has a variable duty cycle triangle/saw oscillator core which is run through a carefully calibrated wave wrapper and wave folder. You can set your ratios and make some algorithms and enjoy some beautiful moving timbres by running folded signals into the fold modulation and wave wrap inputs.

A square wave output is made available for clean hard sync sounds and making looking at waveforms easier on an oscilloscope.


Input Signal Range Notes
07%20AM92x47 -1 to 1 Modulation/envelopes or audio can be sent to wave wrapper input
15%20AM86x48 -1 to 1 Modulation/envelopes or audio can be sent to the fold modulation input
25%20AM49x46 zero crossing Hard sync, works best with square wave
30%20AM47x46 -5 to 5 1/oct input

Output Signal Range Notes
51%20AM50x47 -.5 to .5 the signal had been attenuated intentionally
02%20AM48x49 -1 to 1 This output is the combined output of the WW, FF, and oscillator core


Knob Function Notes
52%20AM96x84 Core waveform symmetry Proceeds from saw to triangle to ramp
58%20AM98x82 Core waveform fold amount Full clockwise is makes a ramp wave and sine wave that is one octave up in pitch
04%20AM89x79 Wave wrap input attenuator
10%20AM88x85 Fold modulation attenuator
14%20AM96x86 Pitch ratio useful for making sonorous FM algorithms.


Meter Name Notes
53%20PM119x73 ratio display Square wave is also affected by this ratio.

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.2 FoMO V1.2.audulus (30.5 KB) 5/21/2018 Changed to FoMO (thanks @RudigerMeyer) to differentiate more from FM synthesis
1.1 supersceeded 5/20/2018 Initial Upload


Revision File Date Notes
FoMO chordal demo patch 1.2 FoMO chordal demo patch 1.2.audulus (1.2 MB) 5/20/2018 Updated patch to current version of FoMO
Chordal Demo Patch superceeded 5/20/2018 This demo contains an experimental sequencer too, just for fun.

Great! My first thought was the Fear of Missing Out oscillator – I’m beginning to suffer from a bit of that with all the great stuff happening on the forum that I’m not quite managing to keep up with. :blush:


Oh man, I think I might have missed an opportunity there!


You are one of the ones creating that problem.


That wasn’t intentional? lol! It’s awesome and awesome sounding, thanks for sharing!