FM Strings Synth Voice




FM Strings Synth Voice

This is an adaptation of a DX-7 patch that Brian Eno made in the 1980’s. It’s a somewhat cheesy sound, but I still really enjoy it, especially with reverb.


Input Signal Range Notes
112x74 -4 to 4 1/oct Signal input
103x74 0 to 1 Velocity sensitive gate input

Output Signal Range Notes
73x85 -1 to 1 It may be a good idea to attenuate polyphonic signals as individual voices are summed and summed signals may exceed the indicated range.


Knob Function Notes
142x137 Decay
137x132 Tremelo

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
V1.0 FM Strings V1.0.audulus (198.2 KB) 11/06/2018 Reuploaded from old forum


Revision File Date Notes
V1 Reverbed Strings Demo V1.audulus (745.3 KB) 11/06/2018 Demonstrates how to bring out the stringiness of the patch with reverb as well as how to tame a polyphonic patch.


Wow this sounds FANTASTIC and it has a great demo!