First time posting a module

Hi All, Happy Holidays!!

I wanted to share some basic widgets I made in case anyone would find them useful, but I’ve never posted a module before. From the Modules topic “how to”, it seemed like unless the module is fully documented and tested, the correct place for it is in Support>Building Help, but I didn’t see that as an existing tag. Sorry I am not that well versed in using forums, still trying to figure out basic navigation and etiquette.

In any event, I’m attaching the individual modules here as well as an example using all of them together. Would love any feedback anyone has on either their utility generally, or their construction.

I did attempt to put a description into most of the modules and I pulled out each of the individual ones I made at the top of the “Gadgets” example where you. can see them all in context.

The 2 main points of these gadgets were to be able to easily change a single note (the quantized de-tuner) and to be able to add and remove effect with minimal repatching (the pedal boards). Both are reworks of utilities I had made in Audulus 3.

Is there a better way to post works in progress like this until I get a better handle on how to submit a complete module?


Gadgets.audulus4 (275.4 KB)
pedal board v1.0.audulus4 (22.1 KB)
pedal board v1.1.audulus4 (31.0 KB)
quantized de-tuner.audulus4 (12.8 KB)
traffic light.audulus4 (1.0 KB)
x-freq y-amp.audulus4 (6.6 KB)


Added some context to the traffic light to explain the intended use. It’s a part of the pedal board V1.1 so I hadn’t included an explanation originally, but something about it being so small and simple and the fact that the module and the input are the same thing made me think it might be cool enough to stand on its own as an element.

traffic light.audulus4 (1.9 KB)


Pedal Board v1.4 (I made a few intermediate versions, but I’ll spare you)

I updated the Pedal Board a lot and added some text notes.

I tweaked the spacing t work better with standard modules and tiles from the library.

The other main thing I tried, after reading Mark’s (@biminiroad) comments in Leonard’s (@Icoustik) post about using spigots, was to do replace the crossfaders. I did manage to cut the module’s percentage of the patch CPU in half this way so thank you for the knowledge. I hadn’t tried out the spigots yet. Not 100% sure I used them as intended, but live and learn. I still feel like I could make the module a lot leaner, but not really sure where to trim or reconfigure next.

Also added a better demo version patch using the board.

pedal board v1.4.audulus4 (23.4 KB)
pedal board v1.4 demo.audulus4 (123.0 KB)


Nice :smile: We’re learning together!

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