Feature Request Megathread



Are you looking to make patches like this?


Any chance we could have resizable editable text fields for text and expression nodes?


What we’re doing for A4 is when you click on an expression, a bar comes up at the top of the screen and you can type it in there. It’s as wide as you make the window so it’s pretty adequately long even for the longest expressions.

For text, I’m hoping we have some more options too. Would make it easier to write in-app documentation especially for iOS.


I recently dragged out my trusty bbedit, which has those nice features like autoindenting, parenthesis balancing, etc, etc, etc, to write and interpret more complex expressions. I’m not expecting all that in Audulus 4, but it would be nice if tabs and newlines were supported (I’m not certain they aren’t now) and were displayed in editing and in text display.

It could go without saying-- I’ll definitely be upgrading my Mac and my iOS copies to Audulus 4!!


Making the expression field wider is certainly welcome!


This in one of the main reasons I prefer to break long expressions into multiple nodes.


True that, and it sort of self-documents. That one of the reasons I will use vias. It allows me to give my signals “show dog” names!


not sure this has been brought up before, but I’ve got a bunch of custom modules in my “toolkit” folder and I would like to be able to add them to any current patch more easily than Open file -> copy -> paste -> close file. I’d like to have my own modules in the right-click menu.


Go to Audulus -> Open Modules Folder -> Drop them in there

This is what my right click menu looks like - you can put whole folders with organizational trees in there as well.

Something similar is coming to iOS - right now you have to navigate through iCloud to do a similar thing.


oh of course! thank you, works great. I don’t need it as bad on iOS as I did on desktop.


Bundle wires into one. Like an IDE ribbon:

Save on connection time and rendering all thems wires.


The quad and stereo nodes do that now, I believe that @Taylor plans to expand on the idea in Audulus 4 and allow for more than 4 channels.


Knowing @eall123 comes up with when patching, I think what he’s asking for might be more like multiwire routing, where you can select multiple individual wires and route them to multiple inputs. If you had a 32 to 32 poly chain, you’d still have to wire 32 inputs and 32 outputs ultimately, even if they’re carried in a poly chained wire. I’ve talked to Taylor about the scheme I think eall123 is describing - basically you’d select the wires somehow and move them as a group, and they’d just auto connect to whatever input is closest to them.