Hi All,

Help, please!

When I add a value to an expression node the Input disappears.

Could someone please shed light on why this happens. Many thanks.

When the inputs to an expression node disapear, that is either because you entered an expression without any input-variables or because the expression you entered includes a syntax error.

Your expression includes a syntax error right here:

There needs to be an operator between the ‘Saw’ input variable and the rest of the expresison.
E.g. like this:

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Hi Joel,

Your expression includes a syntax error right here:

Thanks very much for the message.

I thought I’d copied it verbatim from one of Mark Boyd’s video’s (can’t find it now, of course) but I guess I must have got it wrong.

The expression node creates an input for every unreserved word in the expression, so every unreserved word becomes an input variable.
In the following expression, ‘abs’ is a function/reserved word. ‘Saw’ is not a reserved word and becomes an input variable. So the expression node displays one input labeled 'Saw‘.

Im guessing that the expression you wanted to copy looked like this and that you also typed in the label for the ‘Saw’ input in your expression.

(you can find a complete list of the reserved words at listed as functions and constants)

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Hi Joel - So interesting, thanks very much for that.

I’d like to get back to the video I was following along with. It was one by Mark Boyd constructing 4 'scopes with different wave shapes. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last 4 or 5 days but I just can’t track it down. I’d be really grateful if anyone knows where the video is hiding!

Many thanks.

There is a Video Tutorials Index with links to a bunch of videos. Maybe the video you are looking for
is also liked there in biminiroads videos (that Mark Boyds username in this forum)

This sounds like something the patch section of the audulus docs also covers. If you can’t find the video, maybe that can help.

Hi Joel

This sounds like something the patch section of the audulus docs also covers.

Spot on! That’s the one I was looking for. Thank you so much.

Couldn’t find it because I mis-remembered it as a video.

Senior moment I’m afraid. :crazy_face:

Got to look at a lot of Audulus videos, though!

Many thanks again. Back to the learning curve. :blush:

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