Expert Sleepers Silent Way



I just caved and finally bought Expert Sleepers Silent Way software. I basically just want it so I can use its quick and convenient tuning offset function, but it has a lot of nice extra features.

Still plan on using Audulus for effects, but exciting to approach modular in a new way. Audulus 4 will probably replace my need for it, but for the time being it’s definitely a really well-crafted and excellently documented piece of software.

Check it out here:

There’s a demo available if you want to try it out too. It will just time out after maybe 20 minutes of using it so you have to reload it to keep working with it. Well worth the $60, and I’ve only just begun to explore its features.


Man you held out for a long time! I think the way you have to route the plug-ins to be kind of clunky, but It is a great set of tools, I especially like messing around with the LFO. Sadly there are no plans to adapt them to au3 for iOS.


Hm, maybe I should try that)


ES-3 user here. For desktop purposes, I also highly recommend CV Toolkit. Cheaper than Silent Way, and I find the workflow to be a bit more streamlined. CV Toolkit operates as a standalone app, which may be advantageous / disadvantageous depending on how you approach things.

My current most frequently employed workflow is to use CV Toolkit as the software layer to allow midi-to-cv conversion via the ES-3, and then record / audio processing via Live. I’ve also got an ipad that I use semi-frequently for gate & note sequencing and I would LOVE to be able to cut out the laptop and use Audulus for gate & note sequencing (EDIT: I should mention, I would like to be able to use Audulus directly for this, as well as midi sequencing apps where midi is routed through Audulus and out to ES-3 via DAC nodes), while also using AUM to record / process audio. I’ve been able to get that to work already, but it’s not that practical without having oscillator calibration built in to Audulus (as it is for Silent Way & CV Toolkit).


I believe this is only available for Ableton though?


Nope. It’s a stand-alone app.


In case you’re curious, here’s the link to CV Toolkit:

$20 for the app, compared to $60 for Silent Way. Not endorsing one over the other, both have pros and cons (and certainly, SW is more comprehensive overall).

Spektro Audio, the maker of CV Toolkit, also has a youtube channel with plenty of good tutorials on the software:


Nice! I already bought SW and figured I kinda owed it to Os since he’s sent me (and fixed) my ES-8 and been really helpful to Audulus in general. CV Toolkit looks awesome too - I just know that once Audulus 4 comes out it will be able to do everything they both do and more! :slight_smile:


And that’s friggin awesome to hear b/c, as my mentioned in my first reply in this thread, I’d love to be able to take my laptop completely out of my setup and use only an ipad. Can’t wait for Audulus 4!