Euclidean Seq


Euclidean Seq

This euclidean sequencer is an adaptation of the library module by JDRaul. I have just unpacked it a little bit and changed the scaling of the knobs so that they respond properly to 0-1 modulation signals. I have also added a loop length parameter, which I found super helpful while using the popular eurorack module Pamela’s New Workout.

For more info on Euclidean rhythm check out the wikipedia page.


Input Signal Range Notes
43%20PM62x64 0 or 1 Works best with gate signals, typically clocks.

Output Signal Range Notes
46%20PM59x64 0 or 1 This is the Euclidean rhythm of the signal which went to the input.


Knob Function Notes
51%20PM127x108 Length of the Euclidean pattern Default range is 0-64
24%20PM128x110 Density of hits within the pattern This parameter scales with the pattern length.
14%20PM128x122 Offset of the patterns starting point You can think of this as phase knob also.
22%20PM126x108 Length of the loop before returning to the start of the pattern. This might seem kind of odd, since there is also a length. But it’s musically useful to loop patterns at multiples of 8 so this allows you to create density patterns for complex Euclidean sequences but with a loop length that is more conventional. Default setting is 0-64 (internally adjustable)


Meter Displays Notes
26%20PM118x167 Shows what values the knobs are set to

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
2.1 Euclidean Seq v2.1.audulus (8.6 KB) 09/30/2019 previous version is the current library module.