Easy Listening for Building

Starting a thread here for stuff to listen to while building or reading papers on synthesis.

Here is something from one of my favourite producers Stephan Laubner (STL). He does a lot of field recording, has the most iconic kick drum I have ever heard and why do we always have to give examples/lists in threes?

At the moment the mix is at the top of the page here but may vanish at some point, or try this direct link for download.

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Ambient music is always welcome in my headphones. In my view, one of the achievements of music as an enhancer for intellectual focus includes two other principles. 1. It progresses. We are heading somewhere. This gives a slow, patient, evolving “storyline” that provides variation over longer periods of time. 2. Unintrusive rhythmic elements. This provides immediate variation that, while hypnotic, also balances repetition with novelty. When the novelties expose a kind of ingenuity behind their presentation, there is generally a natural lift in the consciousness of the listener.

Certain genres lend themselves to these characteristics – like how a good cup of coffee can make reading a hard dry book invigorating. So I am sharing a radio episode form one of my favourite drum and bass labels, Paradox Music.

As the description states, “This is NOT a mix, but a narrator-style presented Radio Show.”