The dTuner is a delay based effect that detunes the input-signal by modulating delays with sine LFOs.
It uses up to 7 delay nodes and each delay has its own sine LFO.
(In this documentation I will refer to the delay + sine LFO pairs as voices)

You can spread the phases of the sine LFOs which results in a supersaw like detuning of the input signal.
You can also add up to 2 seconds of delay to achieve a nice delay effect that detunes and defuses the signal with each repeat.

I uploaded multiple versions of the dTuner you can download.

  • A version with one input (mono in).
  • A version with two inputs (stereo in) that has twice as many delay nodes built in and therefore requires more CPU.
  • Early prototypes that have less functionality and also require less CPU.


Input Signal Range Notes
image120x120 -1 - 1

Output Signal Range Notes
image88x161 -1 - 1


Knob, Button Function Notes
image127x118 width spreads the active voices across the stereo field
image130x120 dry/wett mix
image35x120 output level
image120x120 soft clip determines whether the signal is run through a spline that soft clips it (after the Level (out))
image130x120 LFO phase spread spreads the phase of the sine LFOs
image35x116 number of voices 2-7
image138x120 LFO rate 0.05-5Hz
image38x120 LFO modulation depth
image131x120 additional delay adds up to 2 seconds to the delay times of all delay nodes
image6x120 feedback
image125x120 feedback mode mode1 (upper light): each delay node is fed back its own output mode2 (lower light): each delay node is fed back the sum of all activated voices


Meter Displays Notes
image20x120 displays which voices are in use

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
v1 dTuner (mono in).audulus (119.8 KB) 11/13/19 mono in
v1 dTuner (stereo in).audulus (125.8 KB) 11/13/19 stereo in
prototypes dTuner PTs.audulus (123.3 KB) 11/13/19 simpler / less functionality and less CPU usage


Revision File Date Notes
v1 detuning example.audulus (159.0 KB) 11/13/19

Very nice work! Also thanks for the option of mono or stereo input.

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