Deluge by Synthstrom



I would like to get to know this unit better myself. I like the form factor but I still have misgivings about the synth engine and sample management. It basically has a 4 character display, I am a proponent of OLED displays myself but the Deluge seems to be tackling every annoyance about groove boxes one by one. I really wanna try one out.


Good point about the display. Mostly I enjoyed watching the demo. It would be interesting with a million cv outs and some expandable modules. I like how it looks and the parameter automation is pretty awesome. It also looks really fast to work with – kind of an ableton push 2 without ableton.


Ableton in a non-laptop box is rapidly approaching reality, the strongest contender to that title would be the MPC live. I think people already refer to the octatrack as Ableton in a box, but I think it falls short in the multitracking department and clip length. Seriously, working with 4-bar loops feels like such a constraint after working with DAWs and tape 4-tracks for years. All the same, I plan to focus on learning the octatrack before I buy anything else.


I used to own one of these. Loved it in many ways, but the lack of a proper screen was kind of a process killer for me. It does a lot of things exceptionally well, build is good, and the developer is crazy prolific and responsive. Will probably give it another go someday, but would love for it to have a reasonable screen and more I/O.