Data Loss With Cloud Storage

I have periodically run into a bug that recently resulted in an hour or two’s work to be lost. I’ve actually run into it quite a few times over the past year but this was the first time that I lost more than a few minutes work.

As best as I can tell, if you have the cloud storage pref turned on for Audulus, it sometimes retrieves the most recent Cloud-stored version if Audulus hasn’t finished sunching fikes.

So, if I open patch “my patch” and work on it, and exit the patch by going up to the Audulus file browser and tap on “my patch”, Audulus may load in the stale version that I started with and all my changes are lost.

In the past, this only cost me a few minutes work. But this last time, I lost a bunch and it was quite disheartening.

Has this been reported?

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Thanks for reporting this - it has indeed been reported in the past, and I’ve experienced it myself. I found it happens more often with dodgy wireless connections, but that might be a correlation/causation thing. I think I remember bringing this up to @taylor and it seemed like it was a fault of iCloud syncing and not Audulus, but maybe there’s something we can do to circumvent it?

That said, while we work on a fit, maybe just exit and reenter your patch after waiting 5-10s to get it to save to Cloud before reopening it to not lose any data.

While there may be a cloud services issue responsible, I use other apps with similar issues. Maybe a temp file should be always kept so that if something goes awry, you can re-open or duplicate the local copy.

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Yeah if you want you can switch to store on device too - never had a problem with that. Are you switching between iOS and Mac a lot?

The main reason for cloud-storage is switching between two iPads and having backups. If I turn off cloud storage and then turn it back on, do I risk losing stuff?

No, but just move it over to local storage using the Files app first just in case. Always good to have backups! :slight_smile: