Dark Matter by Bastl Instruments + Casper Electronics




[indistinct technical jargon]

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Here’s a Dark Matter patch of my own. It’s doing the bass and other subtle nasties. :slight_smile:



Interesting module. I did a preliminary build of an Audulus version this morning using their block diagram, but I’m not particularly happy with the results. In order to keep a feedback loop stable in Audulus you need some type of saturator to take the place of the saturation that occurs in an analog circuit. I’ve tries a couple of different approaches and so far haven’t been able to produce the same type of chaotic results as the Dark Matter hardware. Analog circuitry driven to the limits tends to become very non-linear which is difficult to model effectively. I’m not really trying to duplicate the module exactly, but do something in a similar vein and what I have so far just isn’t very compelling musically.

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I would love to see what you’ve come up with so far! Anything that it influenced creatively as a module build would be worth looking at :slight_smile:


I haven’t given up, but if I can’t come up with something better, I’ll post what what I have so far for people to play with. I’d still like to see if I can improve the nature of the feedback loop.