[Contest] Sign up for Audulus forum for a chance to win Roland GO:Mixer!


I like this forum! I can’t wait to network and have fun here =]


I’m on IG as @wilsee_baby posting music, lessons, and interviews!


Good evening all… I really love the concept of audulus, I’m hoping I can get to know the program better. Wasn’t able to run it on my Mac, hoping for better luck with the iOS version…


Welcome! Why couldn’t you run it on computer?


Here’s a couple of my unmixed creations; I haven’t posted anything new in a while as I’ve only been playing guitar.


I’ll be picking the winner whenever I get up tomorrow morning, so you still have about 8-9 hours to get your entry in if you haven’t already!


Awesome!!! I’ve been making a lot of modules lately but been very bad at social media… hahaha.

I was looking at those little mixers for while since I’ve been traveling quite a bit.

Keep it going, I love Audulus!!!

P.S.: check my Instagram @trianglewaverecords and @fakefurs when you have a chance! And of course the website: www.trianglewave.net


Hello, I think Jupiter is a pretty planet.


Hello all. I’m Russ. I’m still just exploring the possibilities of this app which seem to be endless


@fishman77 Is the winner! Message me with your address and I’ll send it out on Monday :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone who entered the contest!


It worked - I registered and posted.

Here’s my YouTube playlist for Synthesizer gear.


23! What a magical coincidence, or was it!
Congratulations @fishman77


Queue the illuminati music!