[Contest] Sign up for Audulus forum for a chance to win Roland GO:Mixer!


Hola. Happy to join the community. My humble offering: tputnamhill.bandcamp.com/


Happy to be in the forum and hopefully I’ll get more time to work with my copy of audulus. I’ve been really busy and this thing is DEEP!


Hi. 1st reply


hello! here is my label’s music if anyone would like to hear, my record is the one under the name nebulosa


Really enjoying the forum.

This is me, occasionally musical.


Nice stuff here man.




Hey Mark,
Just wanted to say I really appreciate the energy you put into such an incredible tool. Thanks!


Love what your doing here mark and a pleasure talking with you last year at Moogfest and thanks for the invite!


I usually hang at the audiobus forum but I guess it’s a good time to try here!
I have Youtube and Instagram accounts and mostly share pedal stuff but I also use iOS synths, drums and effects a lot. Here they are:


Hello! Cool contest and lots of great info!



Thanks for the contest. I think audulus on the iPad is a great fit. My music is mainly used in our woodworking videos at Sky Valley Studio


Audulus is one of those apps which I keep promising myself to get around to working within more often, although I’ll admit that it intimidates me. I’ve yet to get my head around the way modular synthesis operates, and to have absolute control over each individual component is… overwhelming! That said, I’m presently viewing Audulus as the iOS version of NI Reaktor, which has an impressive user library of creations put together by users, and hope to explore the possibilities either which way (and perhaps even record some of the resultant noise.)

PS: Any chance of making the next desktop version of Audulus backward compatible with OS 10.11.6? I’m running a MacPro 2008 and it can’t be upgraded past Sierra.


I’m magio, I run @polywave on instagram. I’ve seen that IOS audio interface really useful for live streamings :slight_smile:


I don’t think I’ve ever won a contest but you never win if you don’t give it a shot. Good times friends.


New to Audulus, but very excited to start learning. LOVE the look of the interface, can’t wait to integrate it into my physical rig. Instagram is the_stinky_weasel. Some rodent scorched me for my name, so don’t forget the underscores!


Here’s my SoundCloud.


Great idea for audience engagement! Best of luck to all entries!


Good idea for a give away to get some new activity on the forum! Seems like a great place for creators.

Some links to my work.

Thanks to anyone who take a glance at my stuff! Good luck on the contest


Hey everyone. Recent convert to euro, always looking for new forums to join that can open that discussion. Looking forward to participating here!