Considering a Fully Portable Modular



Some people were making a 2hp version as well, and some other variations. Another advantage is that I have a stereo filter, so I was wanting to have some stereo voices but I was eating up my PICO Mult. This way, I can just skip the mult step.

I am also very happy to have the Taiko in there. I feel like it grounds the case. I quickly get rhythms out of it, it responds really well to modulations, has a filter/eq/vca/two voices (noise+oscillator) with variable enveloping. The choke is great for opening room for a heavy kick, and the accent input adds a lot.

The A4 has a great hands on feel, with a full analog signal path, cv sequencing, and four complete voices of its own, as well as 2 channel inputs with effects sends.

Then the iPad with the ES-8 running Audulus is a really great way to learn how modular works without needing a large case. It’s main function seems to be as a routing master section.

I don’t feel much a desire for more gear, or flashy modules. I would like a sampler though. Nothing has quite caught my eye in eurorack, but at some point in the future I might look for a used digitakt.


Probably not news for you, but plugging one LP output into the second channel and going out of the LP again kinda makes the MMM VCF a 48 dB filter)


That makes sense, I’ll try that. Making a feedback loop with the bp and lp into a kick is also nice. I am not very knowledgable on why people choose filters with different dB settings.


@futureaztec Thanks for sharing the Nearness module. That’s a super handy solution. I think I may download their github files and try to put one together myself!