Citrus Seq

Citrus Seq

This is a straight-forward eight step/gate sequencer with a built-in quantizer and octave shift. Citrus Seq was one of my earliest sequencers and I think the reason I still use it is there is most of what I want for any sequence accounted for.

Each step has a modulation value, which serves as the note value, and a gate value. If the gate is active, then the modulation value is sampled and then constrained to note values selected on the keyboard interface below the step knobs. The quantized signal can be shifted up and down 3 octaves.

There is also a random value generator that is a separate module. I leave it connected most of the time, but it is easy to delete. Sending a trigger to it’s gate input will create a new random melody, the gates will remain the same.

Citrus Simply Random Demo.audulus (156.1 KB)


Input Signal Range Notes
03%20PM124x56 0 to 1 Citrus Seq needs an external clock. One clock advances one step from the current position.
10%20PM126x79 0 to 1 Sending a gate to the randomizer creates a new melody or you can just press the button.

Output Signal Range Notes
23%20PM115x50 0 to 1 Sends out a gate if the gate button is engaged.
30%20PM114x43 0 to 1 This is the exact value of the knob and will be updated with each step advance
38%20PM54x50 -3 to 4 This is the quantized and octave-shifted value, it is updated on each step where the gate button is active.


Buttons and Knobs Function Notes
57%20PM98x161 Step Parameters The knob controls the note and modulation value while the button allows for the gate coming from the step input to pass through to the GT output. Engaging the gate button also updates the quantized signal. The active step is indicated with a yellow LED.
23%20PM254x62 Quantizer Select the notes of your scale by activating buttons. The active note is indicated with a yellow LED
08%20PM141x161 Octave Shift Transposes the quantized signals up and down 3 octaves.


Meter Displays Notes
22%20PM131x129 Fresh-O-meter A juicy yellow lemon slice indicates freshness.

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.4 Citrus Seq 1.4.audulus (122.5 KB) 2018/07/08 Latest updates simply the internal structure and standardize the inputs and outputs to the current module library standard. Prior versions are on the old forum.

Sequence Slices

Revision File Date Notes
1.0 Sequence Slices.audulus (13.6 KB) 2018/07/10 Instead of generating a new random sequence, this has a unique set of values for each “slice” of the knob. Demo in the comments below.

:tangerine: :lemon: Fantastic. Have you ever thought about a recall function so that you could reproduce a set of sets? So you generate a new set every 32 bars or whatever but, say, you then store 4 of these and then replay the 128 bars?

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:lemon: :tangerine: Yeah! I forgot about the emoji’s

Being able to recall the sequences I found while fishing was one of the things that inspired me to make the digital pattern sequencer! Which I am realizing I didn’t upload to the new forum yet.

I could modify the concept for Citrus Seq though. I could make a module the same shape as the random melody, but the knob would make a different sequence for each of the 32-bit value. So, not infinite, but a few hundred thousand sequences to fish in.

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citrus slices.audulus (149.6 KB)

After thinking about it for a bit, I settled on more coprime sinusoids to create different values for each value of the knob, which I am calling “slice” in keeping with the citrus theme. Here is 999,999 sequences to keep you busy :smile: :tangerine::lemon:




Hey can we get a reset input on this?

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Citrus Seq 1.4.3.audulus (155.6 KB)

I swapped out the counter.

The gate input resets to the first step and is intended for resets during play. The button resets to the last step, which is useful for resetting everything while the patch isn’t running, so the next clock pulse will trigger the first step of the sequence.

This kind of gives me an idea for another sequencer.

The “step adv” button is still there for manually resetting to other steps while the sequencer is at rest.

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Can I just switch out the RHS 8xRandom for “Slice” and get the same results?

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Yep, the slices has the same function, more or less.