Church Modes Scale Quantizer

Church Modes Scale Quantizer

This is a scale quantizer that quantizes the input to 8 scale steps instead of semitones. It allows for transposition since the position in the scale is preserved. It should also be very light on CPU usage since it uses a lookup table for the scale steps.


Input Signal Range Notes
o 1 per octave quantizes to 8 scale steps instead of 12 semitones

Output Signal Range Notes
o 1 per octave


Knob Function Notes
scale select scale
root root note The starting note of the scale

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.0 Church modes.audulus (20.1 KB) 01/31/2019


Revision File Date Notes
1.0 Church modes demo.audulus (98.7 KB) 01/31/2019

Awesome thanks so much for posting this! Do you mind if I include it in the upcoming module library revision? Great work :slight_smile:

Definitely! Thanks for the compliment.


So in this quantizer there is basically one scale, and it is transposed in relation to the root note?

Here’s the version I made up for the new library - made it the same size as the 8 Step Sequencer.

Church Modes Quantizer.audulus (28.4 KB)

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Oh I noticed a discrepancy inside between the labels - which is correct?

The second one is correct. I mixed them up because one of the scale reference pages I was using was incorrect.

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@robertsyrett Essentially yes, it’s the same scale. All the “church mode” or gregorian mode scales are based on the same offsets. In semitones that would be 2212221 or WWHWWWH where W is a whole step and H is a half step.

Take a look at

The notes of the C scale are being played but the root note shifts up. It sounds completely different though because the root note is what we use as a reference point in music.