Choosing my first hardware synth


Time to bite the bullet and get my first actual hardware synth.
Exchange rate in Australia is crap so budget is not great. Round 1000$ aud.
Been thinking the Moog Mother 32 A’s I would like to use it as a jumping off point for a modular system someday. The patchbay and Eurorack compatiblity is great.
I have been loving the video demos of the Arturia Minibrute 2s. More bang for the buck as far as sequencing and oscillators. Same patchbay type and eurorack compatibility too.
I’m not a keyboard player so the sequencer option is the best. Both retail for around 1000$ here.
Anyone used either? Have an opinion on either?
Just st to throw a spanner in the works. I like the sound of the electron analog 4. Approx same price but second hand.
Halp me?


I would recommend seeing a synth in person if possible. There are some synths that just came out that look slick on the internet – I won’t mention any names – that look really junky when you see them in the music shops.

Maybe consider something from Elektron.


Of all my synths I still use my iPad the most. Then probably my digitakt, followed by my modular. I will say that elektron makes some excellent gear.


I really like the iPad as a synth as well. I have a CME XKey and love how small it is, which pairs well with the iPad. I mean some apps are $5.


Here’s a new free synth that looks alright