Building a MPE-able poly osc

Hi There,

I’m new to Audulus but not modular.

I’ve got a Linnstrument and want to build a basic poly oscillator that responds to MPE and aftertouch, with some controls mapped to MIDI CC’s. Let’s say I’m working with 4 voices. If you don’t know MPE, it’s explained here:

My plan is to build a poly oscillator that I can then run through an analog filter and other controls on my modular, so I don’t need the full voice in Audulus, and want to just focus on control of the oscillator.

As far as I can tell, I want 4 midi inputs (one for each channel), each of which is linked to its own oscillator. I don’t see a module for MIDI modulations though – if I want to use aftertouch to modulate pulse width, how do I do that? And let’s say I want to scale that (assign a knob that allows me to go from aftertouch having a lot of effect to a little)? And if I want to assign a parameter to an external knob, like waveform, how do I do that?

I was thinking of using the subharmonic oscillator module as my oscillator. I can easily assign 4 midi channels (or one midi channel in poly mode, but then no MPE for me!).

Another thing I was thinking about was fine detuning for big effects, like on the new Demon Core (details here: . This oscillator looks cool but then, I thought, why spend hundreds of dollars when I’m already hooking up my iPhone to my modular? And I don’t think it will have MPE implementation.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have, or if someone has built something similar I can mod, I’d be interested to know more.

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Hi @JES, welcome :slight_smile:

Audulus 3 doesn’t support aftertouch, and if you tried to use MIDI CC’s, it can’t distinguish between channels. So I’m afraid the options are limited right now.

I’ll be working on better MIDI support in Audulus 4.

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Thanks. I guess my patch just got easier for now!

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