Beginner tips for Audulus AU hosted inside Max 8?

Just getting oriented with Audulus, seems like this will be useful and lots of fun.

I’ll find it useful to host Audulus as an Audio Unit inside Max 8. So far I’ve been able to instantiate Audulus ok inside a Max vst~ object. Inside the host, Audulus is running version 3.3 (which is for now the most recent available AU build). Audulus seems to be running fine within the patch… UI elements including Waveform look like they’re passing signal as expected.

However I’m unclear which Audulus modules I should be using to send/receive audio rate signals to/from the host environment. Hunting around the menus, I didn’t find the ADC or DAC modules, which I suspect may have been added post 3.3. Not sure if those were the right modules to use anyhow…

More generally, is there an example Audulus patch (or help article, or forum topic???) somewhere which will help me get ramped up on the various AU-specific aspects of Audulus patching? I’d assume my beginner questions won’t be Max-specific, but would be pretty much the same regardless of the particular host I’m using.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Ah yes, I forgot ADC/DAC nodes were added later - you’ll be limited to two channels in and out using the Mic and Speaker nodes under Utilities until we update.

We’d welcome hybrid Max/Audulus patches here btw - lots of users here have both (including myself!)