Beatstep Pro

Can the BSP control modules in Audulus?

It requires a little set up in the Arturia midi center, but yes. You can send 2 monophonic sequences and 8 triggers with all the live controls through the BSP.

Is there a walkthrough for that setup somewhere?

First, let me heartlessly recommend reading the manual:

But you basically connect it to your computer and open the app and the UI allows you to route the midi channels for the BSP. Then, in Audulus, you open up the midi input node or module and set it to the specific midi channel you are using. Since you have an ES-8 I suppose you could plug a cable into it and control Audulus with CV too :slight_smile:

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I don’t have the ES-8 yet. Still saving my pennies. The BSP doesn’t even show up until tomorrow :joy:. I just like planning ahead. So, setup BSP on laptop, plug into iPad, and make the appropriate midi assignments in audulus…

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That’s just about all there is to it!