Bass Riff

But they keep adding functionality for free. It’s truly absurd how Garageband is now very nearly the google docs of DAWs.

I’m not exactly sure why I stopped using Logic and moved to Ableton, other than it had built-in synergies with Max/MSP. It’s a much more confusing DAW to learn and the standard version of Ableton lacks a LOT of the stuff that comes with Logic.

I think the price drops on Logic were part of the same overall strategy on Apple”s part. Their profit comes from selling hardware so less expensive software is in their interest. By bundling their office suite, GarageBand, iMovie etc. they offer a lot of functionality with a base Mac or iPad which partially offsets the higher hardware cost. They abandoned Aperture and it wouldn’t surprise me to see them do the same with Logic and FinalCut. I don’t think they’re as interested in high end software as they once were.


No disagreement here, however, I think you may have misinterpreted the point of my comments, as I was speaking in a general sense and simply comparing Audulus programming with the ability to apply that to similar tasks in other languages.

The intent was never to use Audulus for anything other than the fun and utility of the sound design we all know and love. I wouldn’t want to try to repurpose this application, as there are more focused libs in other languages that are better suited for the task, and to try to repurpose (imo) would be something like trying to fashion a cheese grater into some sort of a tree trimming device, all the while with a set of gardening shears, branch clippers, and a wood saw in a toolshed 15 yards away from the exercise of working harder, not smarter lol.


I had a chance to sit and have a listen to your track today as I was driving over to a friend’s place. Great job, that is a really good mix, and a catchy little riff! :smiley: