AUv3 Delayed Until Audulus 4



The UI we’re talking about is just the standard “new version, new look” tweak. It necessarily has to come first because it kinda drives the way other things are manifested - however, it doesn’t mean it’s more important than anything else we’re adding, including MIDI out. It’s just the first step :slight_smile:


Will we have sample node on audulus 4? :smiley:


Yep! We will.


When I bought Audulus I was allready realy surprised by how mutch you can do with it and I thought that something like a Sampler node would be realy cool.
But it looks like everything I could possibly want in Audulus will be added in Audulus 4.
I‘m realy looking forward to it :grinning:


We’re going to be able to do a lot with the new sampler node - read, write, import, export - loopers, delays, granular stuff, wavetable synthesis, using .wav files as lookup tables…and so on. Very powerful.