Auv3 delay that does 10 second long sound on sound looping

Hello, basically I’m preparing for a live performance on electric cello and ipad, and layering textures with a 10 second delay is how I approach looping, and its the most important part of the whole performance.

I’ve tried Kosmonaut, and it kinda works, but there’s no option to mute the dry signal, so I can’t use it in a send situation, which makes it unusable.

I know I can do this in Audulus, but I’d rather have an auv3 plugin so I could use a couple of send tracks in order to layer different material in each of them, process with different effects etc.

So the question is if anyone knows an auv3 delay that can go up to 10 seconds or above. Thanks!

UPD: All problems solved one way or another)