Audulus Weekly Update - 5/29/18 - iOS Audio Crackling Fixed in 3.5.2


Audulus 3.5.2 fixes audio crackling on iOS

The crackling issue that some have experienced on Audulus iOS is now FIXED! Update to Audulus 3.5.2 to see significant CPU savings on your patches - up to 50% for some!

To see what the crackling problem was about, check out these threads:

Basically, there was a bit of stray code left in that has been taken out. This code greatly slowed graphics processing, and thus sucked up CPU time. The problem was more pronounced on newer iPads with denser pixel counts, which explains why some patches seemed to run better on older iPads.

Long story short though, it’s fixed!

New Livestream Saturday June 2nd 3pm EST

Mark your calendars - I’ll be doing a livestream this Saturday. We are transitioning to using Vimeo only for all Audulus video content, so I will update this post with a link to the livestream event when I figure out how to make that happen there.

I’ve been wanting to make some more standalone synthesizers for Audulus, so I think this livestream will focus on making two standalones that can be opened up and used right away without any need to wire modules together.

The theme will be East vs. West Coast synthesis. Both will be semi-modular, but the East Coast synth will be more oriented towards keyboard/sequencer playing, while the West Coast synth will have more noisemaking/experimental aspects.


Yaaaay! :grinning:


Nice! I’m seeing a similar issue on my Mac… is a fix forthcoming for the Mac?


@taylor says this bug only affects the iOS version


Very impressive update, changes everything. Thanks for fixing that bug.


So happy for this fix! It has also greatly improved the battery life on my iPad Pro when running Audulus.