Audulus on iOS together with es-8 questions

Hi, I just got myself Audulus for my Mac a few days ago. And I really like what I am seeing!
I have a pretty extensive eurorack setup and regularly perform with a smaller selection from that gear stash. I own an ES-8 also.
I am trying to put together a small concert setup for electro-acoustic performances in an Ambisonics environment and realised that my laptop will be needing most of its processing power running Max (with Spat) for that purpose.
Now I am thinking of buying an iPad to handle the ideas I had for Audulus…
My main question, after loads of googling is: Do all 4 inputs on the ES-8 work on the iOS version of Audulus? I didn’t really get any conclusive answer by googling…


You wouldn’t happen to have a modular grid page, would you?

and yes, all the ins and outs work with the ES-8 on Mac and iOS.

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I do have a modulargrid page:
Not entirely up to date (yes there is a bit more).
Loads of basic building blocks from Doepfer that I gathered over the last 14 years.

You mention the ES-8 inputs work, how is it with extension modules like the es-5 and the es-6? I unfortunately didn’t have the time yet to test this myself in the studio with my mac.
Guess the ES-5 is no problem.

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Congrats on the purchase! I love the ES-8. Audulus currently has 16 channels of I/O. When you plug in the ES-8, it occupies all 16 channels because it has some reserved for the ES-3 and -6 expanders.

If you use ES-8 with iPad you unfortunately have to reserve one or two outputs (if you want mono or stereo) from the ES-8 to be able to monitor what you’re creating in Audulus, unless you plan to use Audulus only as a CV source and use outboard mixing.

You can’t do an aggregate device on computer either for two reasons - the ES-8 still takes up all the available I/O that you could use to internally pass the audio onto another app, but also aggregate devices aren’t yet supported. This means you’ll need to either use 1-2 inputs to send audio to a DAW to record, or use a separate interface like I do.

Let me know if that all makes sense! These little issues like maximum channels and aggregate devices will get resolved and the ES-8 will become even more powerful with Audulus :+1:


hey, i just got a es-3 to hook up to my es-8 via light pipe. i was wondering how i can access the extra 8 outputs in audulus. i downloaded the latest es-8 module that has the four inputs, is there a module that easily lets you access all 16 outputs ?

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Yeah there’s a separate ES-3 module in the latest Library Reface collection too!

Just download that - it’s in there under input-output


awesome thank you ! also just figured out how to change the channels on the es-8 module to be 9-16. i feel both smart and dumb