Audulus Giveaway Contest - Keyboard Controlled Patch


Enter this contest for a chance to win a code for a free copy for Audulus iOS or Mac - your choice!

Requirements: Create a keyboard-controlled Audulus patch. Something people can immediately open up and play. It can be a pad, a bass, a lead, or rhythmic patch - whatever you want! You must post your submission below. Multiple submissions count! The more patches you submit, the higher your chances of winning are.

This is the perfect opportunity for people who only have Audulus for Mac or iOS to get a copy for the platform you don’t have. Could save you $20-50!

The winner will be chosen at random in 1 month - July 30th.


Semi-modular synth.audulus (108.7 KB)
A semi modular synth set up for easy use


@Synthenthusiast is the only one to enter this contest and will win by default if no one else enters! :slight_smile: The patch they uploaded is an awesome semi modular toolbox, check it out if you haven’t already.


MonoMonster Stereo PsycheDelay.audulus (406.1 KB)

Here’s the MonoMonster synth I had been working on for quite some time. Also includes a pitchshifting delay module for funsies. :wink:

P.S.: It’s called MonoMonster but it can very well be used polyphonically.


Here is my entry into the contest.

Long time forum member. First post of a patch so be gentle.

This is a modular synth and synth lab, both for experimenters and experienced users.

Works standalone in Audulus. Works with midi, full polyphony.

Tested in AUM with AUM driving it through Midi.
Tested in Cubasis also.
Works as an effect in AUM as well.

Have fun.
The Wedginator V2.3 - MIDI MODULAR.audulus (773.0 KB)


Here’s a kick drum riser I needed for a project. Simple way to allow for some ‘controlled’ nuance with the sound changing per kick from minimal to max modulation. Notes inside.Live Aud Kick Rise.audulus (109.9 KB)


Pretty nice! this could almost be a tutorial on how to use midi CC.


Sorry I dropped the ball a little on this one - went to Croatia and forgot to pick a winner! As an apology, I’ll just hand them out to everyone here :slight_smile:
@patcher @waynewedge @trianglewaverecords @synthenthusiast - reply here with your desired version iOS or Mac and I’ll PM you the codes! :slight_smile:


Mac please. Thanks so much! Hope you had fun!


Hey, Thank you very much. Is it possible to get it for the PC?


How do I check my PMs?


Click on your icon pic in the top-right and then the little envelope icon.


Thanks! I’m not in any rush but I just wanted to confirm: I’m not missing anything and the codes haven’t been sent yet, correct?


Yes! I will send you one when I get home :slight_smile:


Did I miss the key that you were going to send me?


Oh man I totally didn’t see this until now! No worries, but if you have an extra Mac download, that would be great :slight_smile: