Audulus AUv3 is in Beta Now!



It’s alive!!! Thanks @balph for helping make the AUv3 a reality.

All you beta testers - it’s internal only at the moment. You’ll get a notification soon when it’s ready for you to try out! I will let @taylor know by end of today if it’s working properly on all my iOS devices then it’s off to you.

Only tested in AUM at the moment will let people know about other DAWs.

You can also use Audulus in the effect slot and use a MIDI generator like Roseta Sequencer to send MIDI to Audulus and then - in the EFFECT slot - create your synth and effects and send it on down the line. And YES you can use multiple instances of Audulus effect of course!


Any update on how the AU Beta process is progressing?


We have to do a lot of rethinking for the menu system for adding modules and how it will work within the AUv3. It works great in AUM right now but we can’t get it working well in Garageband and Audiobus yet. Not sure the ETA, though.


Sounds good, I can see how the UI for an Audulus AU is more challenging than for most other apps.


It’s just good to know it’s progressing. Keep up the good work guys!