Audulus 3 Library Reface

I updated it again - each of the examples in the Clock Divider section will be available as an example patch for people to try out!

Example 1 - Basic Drum Machine.audulus (157.2 KB)
Example 2 - Random Hi-Hat Divisions.audulus (268.6 KB)
Example 3 - Ratcheting Sequencer.audulus (282.4 KB)
Example 4 - Arpeggiator.audulus (447.4 KB)

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Started working on the Master Clock section (click link above, it will be refreshed with new version).

Example 1 - Counterpoint.audulus (422.3 KB)

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Need help with the Master Clock module on two fronts:

  1. I think there’s a bug in the speeds. 1/4t seems off.

  2. We should have a global reset on the master clock so that when you turn it off and on again, it sends out one and only one reset pulse upon turning on. That way you could reset any an all sequencers from their start upon it turning on. Any ideas how to do this?


Check the above example counterpoint patch for a look into the master clock.

Looking at the pattern of multipliers, it seems that the value needs to be between 1 and 2, where you have 2/3. I think it should be 3/2?

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A quarter note triplet is shorter than a quarter note. Three quarter note triplets equals a half note. Since two quarter notes also equal a half note, a quarter note triplet is 2/3 of a quarter note.

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Yeah that’s why I plugged in 2/3, but since it’s multiplying the speed by 2/3, it ends up being slower. Would the multiplication factor end up being 4/3 then? Or divide by 2/3 (which in this case would result in 1.5)?

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I think you can think of the conversion as between time-per-beat (t/b) and beat-per-time (b/t) which are reciprocals. Does that seem correct?


Audulus 3 Library WIP FINAL DRAFT (664.0 KB)

This includes a few extra modules and I spent a couple hours going through all of the modules and removing the old non-clamped knobs (yeesh, hands gotta take a break for a while).

multiply by 3/2 (or divide by 2/3) whichever you prefer :cowboy_hat_face:


New Modules Featured.audulus (530.9 KB)


I’m getting crackling when I use the clockable tempo module. It it just me or is it my computer? Tap the on/off toggle in the attached patch to hear what I am talking about.

New Modules Featured clicking issue.audulus (533.4 KB)

ah yeah it’s probably because it’s wiggling the time by a tiny tiny amount. i’ll fix that.

I put the truncate function in the wrong place - here’s fixed

New Modules Featured clicking issue fixed.audulus (533.4 KB)

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I disconnected the rounding inside the gate->seconds block and the clicking went down to almost nothing

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Yeah it should go after seconds - it might still click at some tempos if it’s not cut off at some point.

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at that point you just run the signal through a slew, but this is fine now.

Good point - I did it that way cause you’d mentioned you didn’t think the slew was good in the delay module, but I suppose it would be a good fit here!


Yeah, but there is still a slew module, right? I meant just inserting another module. But an occasional click is fine with me. :slight_smile:

It’s all about getting clicks when you expect it, like abruptly change the time, and smooth changes when you want.


yeah - putting it in this module would make more sense. would be fun to modulate these subdivisions too. you see the reset on the master clock? thank @stschoen for that - it works like a charm.


Audulus 3 Library WIP FINAL DRAFT (735.7 KB)

This version contains many, many little bugfixes, including upgraded counters on the sequencers.

I’m through with Clock documentaiton, working on Drums today!

Here are the accompanying example patches

Module (1.8 MB)