Audulus 3.6 for Windows


Windows 7. Also, I’ve seen similar issues with other software, and I think it probably has something to do with this screen:

When this font scaling value is not set to 100%, a number of software packages have difficulty with window/screen sizes.


Andrew Koenig


I played around with scaling and resolution on W10 and I didn’t see any problems.


using windows 7, it was the display scaling option, i had it to 115%, turn it to 100% and now the audulus screen is alright.


Everything so far works fine, but It seams that audulus doesn’t respond to MIDI input in REAPER daw.


What kind of MIDI input are you trying to send? Keyboard node from Piano Roll or MIDI CC’s?


Node from piano roll - will try later with midi controller. Old version works fine with piano roll.