Audio Triggered Envelope


Audio Triggered Envelope

Takes incoming audio signals and triggers an attack release envelope when the audio passes a set threshold. This module is bare bones as it will find it’s home mostly inside other modules to control effect parameters such as filter cut off frequency.

Above we can see Audio being turned into a smoothed signal.


Input Signal Range Notes
47%20AM55x54 -1 to 1 Audio input

Output Signal Range Notes
50%20AM53x56 0 to 1 modulation output


Knob Function Notes
53%20AM111x97 Threshold Sets level of audio at which an envelope will be triggered.
56%20AM102x89 Depth Sets amplitude of modulation.
58%20AM113x91 Slew Sets both attack and decay of the envelope.

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
V 1.0 audio triggered envelope.audulus (16.4 KB) 05/24/2018 Adapted from Super Simple Compressor library module.