Audio to cv module needed for env?

Hello everyone,

I am new to audulus and also this forum. Been really enjoying learning to use it. I know subtractive synthesis well using hardware, however I’m interested in using audulus to truly understand how to build sound from the ground up.

As I am starting my understanding of modules by reading/watching tutorials, do I need to convert audio (from oscillators) to something like cv to connect to envelopes such as ADSR? I have tried on my own and the sound cuts out if I add it to the chain between the VCO module and output module.

Thanks for any help! I know it’s probably a simple solution :slight_smile:

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Welcome welcome! Glad you’re here :slight_smile:

Audio can work as CV in Audulus. Are you trying to use an oscillator to trigger an ADSR? Usually you’d use a clock to do that, but you could use an oscillator. Perhaps it’s best to upload the patch you’re working on right now and describe what you’re trying to do. It sounds like you might be talking about putting audio directly into an ADSR node and expecting to get an audio output from the envelope, which isn’t how it works, but I’m not sure.

Hi, and thanks for the quick reply! Having an active forum is one of the big reasons I’m diving into audulus. Love the support!

Here is the patch I’m starting:

And based on your response, that’s exactly what I was trying to do - putting audio into an ADSR and expecting audio to pass through. And I just noticed from this pic, that I tried connecting the ADSR to the filter in a different way. Starting trying anything/everything I could think of.
So what is the solution to get the envelope to affect the VCO or VCF?

Thanks in advance!

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Just attach the green output of the MIDI module to the green input of the envelope - that’s the note on/off message that will ping the envelope. Otherwise you have it set up correctly.

You might consider using the more fully featured MIDI input - it has more controls that make playing more expressive :slight_smile: It has slew, velocity, slur controls as well as a control for bend range.

Got it. Thanks for the help!

I was just using the on-screen keyboard, thus the simple midi module. I’ll attach my KeyStep and use a better one :+1:t2:

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