AU/App on Mac - Documenting Midi Capability

Hello -

I’m looking for some confirmation/clarification on the midi functionality for the Mac Audio Unit/Mac App to see if I’m missing anything, and hoping to document for others. Here’s what I’ve gathered/worked out so far:

Audio Unit on Mac:

  1. Receives one channel - channel 1.
  2. Does not support MIDI CC. (i.e. a patch configured with MIDI CC will not receive that information from the host, and MIDI Learn does not either)
  3. There is no cross-talk between AU instances. One track’s midi is not detected by another track’s midi as expected.
  4. There is a roadmap for AU on Mac (not sure if AUv3 references in forum mean both iOS and macOS)

Application on Mac

  1. Receives signal on designated channel (i.e. Midi receiver for channel 11 receives Channel 11)
  2. Midi CC is across all channels
  3. Midi Note Learn (e.g. for a midi trigger) is channel specific

Compatability Notes

  1. The AU works in Logic as above without crashes (macOS 10.13.5 , Logic Pro 10.4.1, Audulus 3.5.2 (101))
  2. Live crashes when closing a session with a track containing Audulus AU loaded (macOS 10.13.5 , Ableton Live 10.0.2, Audulus 3.5.2 (101)).
  3. Closing the session before closing Live causes a crash.


  1. Have I correctly summarized current/future state?
  2. Am I missing anything?

Something documented like the above would be useful standalone and/or in the manual. I’m happy do some community documentation. Please let me know what works.


P.S. Audulus is an excellent program (cross platform, wonderful UI, super flexible). Thanks!


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I came to the exact same conclusion! It’s a pity and I hope MIDI CC will be available in the AU plugin soon. I still miss SonicBirth in this respect! Beautiful app though, if we can do something with the interface per plugin and CC will be recognised (or parameters registered by Logic) we have unlimited possibilities.

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Hey @Patcher! A lot of work is being done on the AU right now for iOS, and those new features will come to Mac as well. We will definitely have MIDI CC/Learn - not sure when, but it is in the roadmap.

Can you expand on this?

I’m not getting these crashes with my Live 9. I haven’t upgraded to 10 yet, though. Can you send me the crash log you get at Thank you!

Also, closing the session you mean closing the window, right?

Hi @biminiroad,

Can you expand on this?

Sure - “this is a good thing!”
I just meant that even though I have multiple AU Audulus instrument instances in a Live Set, the midi is being constrained to the current track so that only the AU on the track with the midi source is responding to the midi from that track. This is true even though you have to set the patch on each separate instance to take a midi input from the same channel as each other instance. So, that’s working great and how one would want.

Crash info

I have just sent this through to you. Maybe there’s something in my workflow causing this (I use multiple Audulus instances to separate out the instruments/hits). I was able to recreate in a minimal session to try and rule out other things. And also able to reproduce in Live 9, and included that set in my email. Really it’s a very minor inconvenience, the crash does not occur while actively working on a set, only when closing the set and only after there has been a chance to save.

Also, closing the session you mean closing the window, right?

Yes - either closing the window directly, or with File|New Live Set.

Hi, I just ran into this and was wondering if there if a fix yet?


@biminiroad Quick Update: I am no longer experiencing the crash behavior.
My Ableton Live is now version 10.0.05, Audulus 3.5.2(101).

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