At long last Synth One not crashing in under 2 minutes

…I had thought I’d tried everything but decided to revisit it after my ROLI / Audulus frustration.

Turned the Master Volume to <=6% and now my MPE beast make it crash no more. I’m not using it mobile so it’s of no consequence. I just crank up the amp. Definitely able to make crazy harmonic content on them 2 squishy octaves . That Audiokit Synth One and this keyboard were made for each other. Animoog is a very close 2nd…likely a virtual tie.

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I hooked everything up wired and the Synth One problem disappeared


Do you have multiple channels of audio running into a speaker node without having a PolyToMono in between? If so, that just might be overloading the output, and would explain why you have to turn the volume down so low. You can upload a patch and I’ll check it out and see if I can see what’s going on :slight_smile: