Anyone have iPad Pro 11?


A user reported some crackling on their new iPad:

Anyone else have an iPad Pro 11 and can confirm it’s happening for them too? I’ve heard it’s affecting other music apps, not just Audulus.


I have a 12.9 with crackle. From my understanding Apple is aware of the bug and the next update appears to have the fix.


I’ve got the 11" Pro and was also experiencing a lot of crackling in most music apps including Audulus. iOS 12.1.2 beta 1 has fixed the problem though, I’ve installed it a couple of days ago and haven’t heard a crackle since. This fix is also specifically mentioned in the release notes of 12.1.2 beta 1.

Apparently it had something to do with Core Audio utilizing the energy-efficient cores of the A12X instead of the high-performance ones, not completely sure though.

I think the public beta is out now, so you could install that (it works fine for me), or wait until the final release.


@Latzenpratz - see what @balph said above - it’s basically an iOS software issue and will be solved soon! :slight_smile:


With the beta update 12.1.2 the crackling is gone! Thanks!