Announcement: No Windows/Linux version of Audulus 4


I would agree with you regarding Windows. Although my first personal computer was an Apple II (16K of RAM and a cassette player for program storage) and I owned an original Macintosh, I moved to PC’s about the time Windows was introduced. Cost was the primary consideration. Macs were and continue to be significantly more expensive than PC for systems with comparable specs. I would argue that this low cost coupled with a huge base of applications made the PC dominant. In fact you can probably trace it back to one program Lotus 123. This early spreadsheet sold more PCs than any other application. I spent the bulk of my professional career dealing with all the problems of Windows and I’m happy to be back on Macs. I still have a Windows PC, but when it finally dies I won’t be replacing it. My recommendation for used Mac hardware is try to get something at least one model year newer than the oldest system supported by the current version of macOS. Apple is pretty good about supporting their older systems and Mojave is the first version of macOS not supported on my 2011 iMac which is still running strong on High Sierra.
Linux is a very capable operating system, but very difficult to support. Each distribution is different and often hardware vendors have little or no interest in writing suitable drivers. I’ve used a variety of LINUX systems and they typically required quite a bit of tinkering.