Announcement: No Windows/Linux version of Audulus 4

Thanks for this update. I was just about to buy the Windows version, but I guess not! I have it on an iPad Pro and Audulus is a very welcome addition to that platform.

My main platform is Windows. I use Studiomux, a tool that turns my iPad into a Windows vst and lets me use iOS synths and effects in Windows. I haven’t tried Audulus yet in that setting (I just bought it yesterday) but will be interested to see if that’s an avenue for integrating Audulus into a Windows production environment.


I use Studiomux on my Mac and I’ve been pretty happy with it. Latency can be a bit of an issue in some cases, but overall I find it’s a useful tool.


Thanks for the tip about this studiomux thing!


That’s a shame. I can understand needing to keep development more streamlined though. I hope you reconsider one day. :slight_smile:

I think the use case for these is wider. Touch screen support on windows is better and this goes well with the ios version. Also we are now starting to see lots of micro high powered diy PC devices coming out which could potentially run audulus in custom hardware boxes.

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FWIW, supporting niche-software on multiple platforms is a tough tough ask both from the coding and the development side. Supporting 4 platforms and doing them all well is really tough and often not financially feasible for a small shop.


Yeah that’s basically what it comes down to - more and better features, or spending time keeping up with OS updates that break the software and/or make it tough to be backwards compatible.

This was always a big dream for me - basically you could make guitar pedals and standalone synths powered by Audulus. Although it’s a super cool use, it’s ultimately a really small portion of the actual market that’s out there buying synth software. As Taylor had told me, he didn’t quit working at Pixar so he could do boring maintenance coding - Audulus is a passion and he doesn’t want to kill the desire to work on it by doing the plumbing version of coding.


Tough decision. Focus in product management is one of its many disciplines that is hard to make, but almost always produces the best results.

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