Almost Missed This Module

CDM published an article on this one. Probably going on my list.

The Disting is a multi-function module for the eurorack modular synthesiser environment. It is 4HP in width and has (at moment of writing) 84 distinct algorithms:

The first 16 (‘classic disting’) are:

Precision Adder with integer voltage offsets
Four Quadrant Multiplier with integer multiply/divide
Full-wave Rectifier
Linear/Exponential Converter
Quantizer with selectable scales
Comparator with adjustable hysteresis
Dual Waveshaper wavefolder and triangle-to-sine shaper
Sample and Hold with noise source and adjustable slew rate
Slew Rate Limiter with linear and exponential slew
Pitch and Envelope Tracker
Clockable Delay/Echo
LFO with through zero frequency control and waveshaping
Clockable LFO with multiply/divide and waveshaping
VCO with linear FM sine and saw outputs
VCO with waveshaping saw/triangle and pulse outputs

The remaining algorithms are:

Precision Adder with fractional voltage offsets
Voltage Controlled Delay Line vibrato/chorus/flange effects
Clockable Ping Pong Delay
Clockable Ping Pong Delay with input pan control
Resonator for drum synthesis
Vocoder 12 band
Phaser up to 10 stages
Bit Crusher
Tape Delay with voltage controlled tape speed
Waveform Animator
State Variable Filter smoothly variable filter type
LP/HP Filter
LP/BP Filter
BP/HP Filter
BP/Notch Filter
AR Envelope
AR Envelope (with push)
AR Envelope & VCA
AR Envelope & VCA (with push)
Dual AR Envelope
Dual AR Envelope (with push)
Euro to Buchla Converter
Buchla to Euro Converter
Clockable AD Envelope (with mute)
Clockable AD Envelope (with gate)
Clockable AD Envelope (with trigger)
Clockable AD Envelope & VCA
Shift Register Random CVs
Shift Register Random Quantized CVs
Shift Register Random Triggers
Shift Register Random Dual Triggers
ES-1 Emulation
ES-2 Emulation
Pitch Reference
Frequency Reference
MIDI Clock
Dual Sample and Hold
Dual Quantizer (Z scale)
Dual Quantizer
Dual Euclidean Patterns
Dual Delayed Pulse Generator
Programmable Quantizer
Stereo Reverb
Mono-to-Stereo Reverb
Dual Reverb
Stereo Chorus
Mono Chorus
Delayed LFO
Scaled LFO
The functions relating to playing back audio and MIDI files from the MicroSD card are:

Audio Playback
Clocked Audio Playback
Audio Playback with V/Oct
Audio Playback with Z Speed
Audio Playback with Reverse
Dual Audio Playback
Dual Audio Playback with Z Speed
MIDI File Playback (Clocked)
MIDI File Playback (Free Running)
Audio Playback with End CV
Audio Recorder
Wavetable VCO

I like the size. Almost looks like a good emergency module for putting together a lunchbox that you fear might be missing something crucial.

  • I should say. Yes this, what, MK 4. So nothing new. The point though isn’t about some hot new module. It is about the idea of getting the right ingredients for a minimal foundation. I imagine that if you end up using a particular function a lot, you could then look for a more robust, dedicated piece of hardware.
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I love the disting mk 4! i have three of them and they are as handy as you imagine. I would say it usually is a tape delay or an LFO but sees regular use as a quantized shift register, wave table oscillator, wave folder, and FM operator.

My only complaint is that when the OS gets an update, updating three sd cards is a little tedious. One is probably enough for a small case.


Is the mk4 a big step up from the mk3?

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From a sound perspective no. But from a usability standpoint, it is an order of magnitude better. I actually kind of hated the mk3 menu system, and so it was left on LFO mode 24/7. I was constantly having to reference the manual when I wanted anything other than an LFO in order to find where anything was or refresh myself on what the binary code meant. I sold it without a second thought when the mk 4 came along.

The mk 4 may not have the best screen, but each algo will say what it does in a scroll, and a letter-number address system is intuitive to recall, you can even make up your own pneumonic for remembering your favorites.

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Expert Sleepers makes the best digital Euro gear, no questions asked! Solid construction, great blinkey lights, it’s the best. Highly recommended. I don’t have a Disting Mk4 myself, but if I had a larger case, I definitely would.

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You should share some pics of your system when it was like 5 distings.

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Better than pictures!

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How does it work with Audulus?

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The Disting? It doesn’t - I think in this one they’re just AR envelope/VCA combos that are triggered by the FH-1, which is controlled by Ableton. The FH-1 will be able to be used once we have MIDI output, which I know I sound like a broken record, is coming at some point.

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Is there a workaround where you convert midi to cv, then send it out of Audulus/or to a Euro module?

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The Expert Sleepers FH-1 is a MIDI to CV converter, but for it to work with Audulus, Audulus would first need to be able to send out MIDI data, which it can’t at the moment (it can only receive MIDI data).

I got the midi breakout for my disting. I should be able to hook up to the use it like a FH-1 when the midi out patch drops!

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AUv3 with MIDI out would make a wave in the iOS music world.

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