After All, Isn't it About the Music?





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If you have not heard of Legowelt, please stop what you are doing and listen up. If you have heard of Legowelt, you will enjoy this session in particular. Why? Because we get a lot of commentary, history, and impressionistic considerations of sythscapes – of why rare tracks matter, what’s overrated. If anything, just crank it and stare agape as the synth gods shower us with the gritty grime.


Saw this guy perform recently as an opening act for Khruangbin, and I gotta say I think I want a pedal steel.






Found this guy on Reddit - SOLID musician.


Do you have a non-spotify link?

Just to be confusing is here is an album I really enjoy with the same name. Makes me want to make an album called, “Phases.”


That Future Garage Jam is solid! :flushed:


Still what I think of when people say, “IDM.”



More “IDM” for you, @robertsyrett…but this time, performed with real humans!


Sifting though the back catalog of Carl Finlow. Low Memory is a stand out release, with a lot of weight. I got an email this morning from Cragie Knowes. Apparently Finlow has a new record called Boolean.



Nothing like a bit of Bollywood disco to brighten up your morning! :cowboy_hat_face:


Here’s where I’m coming from: Tomita’s Debussey record, filtered through Front 242 (I just loved that Industrial stuff back then!)


@dcLargo I actually bought Front by Front when it came out! It was when I was in 7th grade, and I thought it was the most German thing ever. I must admit I prefered the original album art, which is more German.

Just remember this was before pixel art was part of a zeitgeist.


…when you feel grateful that you finally have a peer group that is nicely ahead of you.