Advanced Synthesis Techniques

I watched Omri Cohen’s recent VCV Rack livestream. He mentions Dieter and some sort of quantization technique. I think they run one quantizer into another? Not sure. I’ll take a closer look later but I would like to isolate how out works.

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I think he is using the first quantizer to make a triad or chord.

Then a second quantizer has the whole scale, so he can transpose the sequence playing just the notes in that chord but keep it within the tonality of a given piece.

It’s been a while since I used VCV rack, so I’m not sure how polyphony works, but I think that’s the basic idea.

It’s simple but complicated the way he has it wired. I can’t come at it from music, because I have no music theory. I understand the logic flipping. Not sure I understand the transpose functions.

I messed around a bit in VCV Rack and Audulus. I think one element to it might be how he has the third quantizer wired up between his ply/mono adapters.

This has been in the back of my head. I think it is more specifically outlined here. Working on it…

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Might as well bring Klang in here too. I just want to get better at working with this end of things.

I’ll get back to this. I just think it is important to keep at this element. Keep chipping away, so to speak.

Sequencing trials.audulus (717.8 KB)


Sequencing Trials with percussion and Blobulator.audulus (1.6 MB)