Advanced rhythm, how you do it?


First of all, sorry if i picked wrong category.

I wanna bring up this theme again. I look for advice and your experience on how you do complex drum lines/tracks in modular. Check out these vids from hardware modular world for inspiration and more or less example of what i have in mind

After all these years, it’s still a mistery for me. I know sometimes there were discussion “omg how you d do autechre drums” or whatever and then some reply “use clock dividers, bro”, but that doesnt go anywhere. I ask for more detailed discussion on principles, ideas and how you realize them with means.

Bear in mind i cant access modern audulus so if you’d show some patches, please do screenshots or record videos. Otherwise, i more ask about explanation on a more general level that would teach to apply that to modular world in general.

2nd vid is most mind blowing for me, for example in regards how rhythm SHIFTS in it at different points. My only guess is that author do some extreme complex variation of “ratcheting” for that.